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The team at MYSA® works alongside room, spa, salon, and fitness directors to create branded luxury hair DryWrap's™ and towels that elevate the guest experience and blend effortlessly with laundry systems and cost structures. Our one-of-a-kind hair wraps and towels create incremental revenue, reduce operational and capital costs associated with oversized bath towels, and integrate seamlessly into your existing towel or robe service.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • MYSAtec™ microfiber withstands thousands of washes, is more durable than terry bath towels, holds its shape, and can save up to 50% on the cost of towels each year.
  • Our premium fabric does not release lint or microplastics into community water systems or the ocean, plus all dyes are nontoxic.
  • By adding MYSA® towels to your resort, you’ll reduce energy, water, and detergent consumption as compared with bulky bath towels.
  • Pulls moisture from the hair quickly, speeding the backbar shampoo process.
  • Receive incremental income by offering MYSA® hair DryWrap's™ and towels in your hospitality experience as a room charge or retail offering. 


In addition to the benefits you’ll receive by offering MYSA® DryWrap's™ and towels to your guests, they’ll enjoy all of the luxury inherent in using our patent-pending design. 

  • Less blow drying; cuts drying time in half
  • Quick absorption
  • No friction or frizziness
  • Hair is prepped for effortless styling
  • Healthier, shinier hair
  • Wraps are button and elastic free, meaning no pulling on delicate hair or laundry issues

MYSA® products are made in areas around the globe, and we are proud to offer options that are made here in the USA. All of our products are delivered ready to use, shipped directly from our plants or via your linen service provider.