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MYSA® Towel was conceptualized in Beverly Hills, California after seeing a need within the hospitality industry. Our mission is to provide our customers’ guests with the most luxurious experience that always exceeds expectations.

Our patented luxury hair DryWrap™ features numerous benefits for your organization as well as your guests, including: 

  • Quick absorbency
  • Lightweight fabric, customized to your brand
  • Beautiful drape that accentuates every style
  • Innovative one-size-fits-all loop fastening with inner pocket to hold hair of all lengths
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing towel or robe service


Pronounced MEE-sah, Mysa is a Swedish movement “To love the experience of the moment.” Our premium fabric pampers your guests in luxury, adding to the environment you have designed for them. These wraps create a more beautiful, healthy, and stress-free experience that goes beyond ordinary terry towels.

From solid-white MYSAtec™ fabric to custom prints, multiple layers, and unique shells, our designs uniquely complement your brand. When a guest tucks her hair into a MYSA® DryWrap™, ordinary moments are transformed into magnificent experiences that create memories to last for years to come.                                                     


“I am pleased to bring MYSA® hair DryWrap's™ to your location. As the son of the inventor of the lint roller, I have developed a full line of amenity products that have earned me a reputation as a pioneer in the industry. My latest brainchild is the MYSA® hair DryWrap™, which continues in the vein of the other products in my lineage. I am passionate about this industry and look forward to supporting our talented team of designers to combine their runway, fashion, and interior design knowledge to go above and beyond today’s luxury experience.”