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The Many Applications of MYSA®

MYSA® hair DryWrap's™ and towels add incremental revenue to your establishment via room or service charge when guests choose to keep them, adding joy and excitement to your guests’ experience and for long after. They can be used in all of the below areas and many more, including your onsite retail locations and web store.

Contact us to add the luxury experience of MYSA® to your resort or spa.


MYSA® hair DryWrap™ and towels are a seamless extension of your luxury guest amenity offering and in-room experience. Customized with your logo, these premium, high-performance wraps and towels will amplify your brand and delight guests. Our wraps and towels can be displayed and integrated into your robe program, folded in our patent-pending and trademarked design, placed on the vanity, or draped over towels to reduce use of oversized bath towels. Our MYSAtec™ utra-premium microfiber fabric lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly than bulky terry bath towels.


We have learned that guests regularly pack their own hair wraps from home to use in your spa. Eliminate that need by offering a luxury alternative in MYSA® hair DryWrap's™. This appreciated luxury amenity complements your wellness offer. A beautiful couture addition to your guests’ appearance, our bespoke DryWrap's™ look luxuriant as they lounge and become a talking point that allows therapists to create boutique sales.


Speed the backbar shampoo process by integrating our ultra-premium MYSA® towels that cut hair-drying time in half. Guests will recognize this luxurious addition as stylists explain all of the benefits of our unique hair wraps or towels, leading to retail sales. And in a busy salon, it’s a benefit that MYSA® products fold neatly, are compact, last through thousands of washes, and do not mildew as cotton textiles can.


After an intense workout or yoga session, let guests reach for MYSA® sweat towels, which feature a silk-like, ultra-soft, and highly absorbent weave. Plus, the lightweight fabric translates to minimal storage. And with long-lasting MYSAtec™ fabric, our towels are more economical and environmentally friendly when it comes to laundering.


Whether lounging poolside or as a quick way to dry off following a swim, MYSA® hair DryWrap™ and towels provide a distinctive look and feel for your guests. Our bespoke designs add an air of luxury to the experience and can even match branded parties. Contact us about how you can add MYSA® to your next poolside event and increase loyalty while extending your brand.